How Lightroom Edits Your Photos

As far as image editing programs go, Lightroom is one of the most flexible and efficient to use. Although it can get overwhelming and confusing at first, do remember that Lightroom saves an original of your untouched photo and suggests how to edit them to have a better quality of picture. Lightroom saves all the changes you have made from your previous photos and uses that as a basis for editing your next batch of photos.

Lightroom’s tutorials serves as a reminder of how to turn your new photos into better ones. The program does nothing to the original file of the photo. You now have your original files that you can keep in your computer. The first time you open your Lightroom program can be a bit confusing but do not worry as this is just a process in setting up the files and cataloging your choices in editing the photos. The program can import photos to ready them for the editing part. Once imported, it will show thumbnails of photos that have been moved to your program. Copy your photos to the computer so that you have a set of photographs that you can edit later on. The time that you uploaded all of your photos in the program, click the “Develop” button to start all the editing. You can edit the photos one by one by clicking the photo individually but for group edits, highlight all the pictures in the folder you just created.

The right side of the screen will then show all the options to change such as the brightness, corrections, lens, and tone curve. Focus on the parts that you want to change instead of minding all the other buttons that can get confusing. Crop and brightness are the main functions that you must learn first before anything else. There are buttons that can help you edit the picture or to crop it to the size that you want. From then you can start to play around with the other functions such as changing the whole color palette of the photo or introducing more exposure to create a brighter picture. Always press the enter or return key to see how the imaged has improved or to compare it to the original copy. You can always go back to the original photo or reverse anything you have made. Nothing is permanent on Lightroom tutorials so take your time playing around the edits and figuring out what you like.

After you have edited your photos to the way that you want them, you can start to save it on the computer. The process saves the photo as you have created and still keeps an original copy of it that has been uploaded.


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